Are you in need of a business headshot but you keep putting it off because you "never take a good picture" or you're "waiting to loose 10 pounds"? You are certainly not alone! I hear these comments (and many more) all the time.

Here are 10 quick tips to rock your headshot!

1. Stand tall! I want it to feel like a string is tied to the back of your head and it's pulling you through your torso to your head, and up to the ceiling.

2. Stand at a 45 degree angle to the camera. Shift your weight your back leg and pop your front knee.

3. If it can bend, then bend it! No stick straight arms and legs. Relax your hands and put a slight bend in your fingers. Think, ballet hands.

4. Relax your arms at your sides and bend your elbows just a little so there's a gap at your waist.

5. To loose that double chin,  push your chin towards the camera and then down. This helps define the chin and hide any problem areas on your neck (if you are of a certain age, you know why this is important!)

6. We look at inanimate objects differently than how we look at people. So during the session, don't look at the camera, look through the camera and directly at your photographer. The connection in your eyes will show up in your images!

7. Change up your smile. Sometimes our smiles can looked forced, especially when holding it for too long.

8. Make sure you choose an outfit that makes you feel good. If you are uncomfortable, it will show in your images.

9. Have a conversation with your photographer prior to your session. Tell her how you will be using the images, what kind of business it's for, if there are any specific requirements, and how you want people to feel when they see your images.

10. Preparation is key! When you are fully prepared for your session, you can relax, have fun and feel confident that the outcome with be beautiful.

And lastly, don't be hard on yourself! It takes practice to be photogenic. Why do you think the teens are so good at taking adorable selfies? They are doing it ALL THE TIME!  (Seriously, it takes me at least 25 photos before I get one that looks half decent! I definitely need more practice.)

If this list stresses you out, then give me a call. (218) 259-2765 Let's create beautiful images together... ones that you are excited to share with everyone!