Senior Spotlight {Amber | Hermantown High School}

I have a few Senior Spotlights to share with you again! Let's start with Amber. Amber is a senior at Hermantown High School who also is doing PSEO!

Now, this WAS last summer, but a few things still stand out to me. It was a beautiful summery day in Duluth, which brought out aaalll the crazies! We were asked for change to ride the bus, we were stared at (gorgeous girl getting her picture taken, I get it), a homeless guy offered to hold my reflector, and then we were the ones doing the staring as we walked by a genuine hippy van. I mean, g e n u i n e! All that aside, we captured gorgeous images for Amber and the sunset over Lake Superior was stunning. And now, what you're all waiting for: I'll share a few of my favorite pictures of Amber and her answers to some very important questions!