Senior Spotlight

Alyssa was so fun to photograph!  She came to me with a bunch of great ideas and props …. I love that!  Attention to detail makes for awesome portraits.

Senior Spotlight: KaylaMy dream job is ... an occupation that would let me travel across the world.
Senior Spotlight: KaylaPlans for after graduation ... attend the University of Minnesota Duluth.
Senior Spotlight: KaylaFavorite thing to do ... go out on the lake with friends in the summer.
Senior Spotlight: KaylaI will never ... go bungee jumping.
Senior Spotlight: KaylaBest advice I've ever received ... If it doesn't make you happy, why do it?
Senior Spotlight: KaylaSomething that makes me happy ... my cat!
Senior Spotlight: KaylaWhat is the first thing you would do if you won $1 million? ... Buy a plane ticket to travel across Europe.
Senior Spotlight: KaylaSomething random about me ... I really, really like coffee.
Senior Spotlight: KaylaMy favorite place to shop is ... Target.
Senior Spotlight: KaylaThe best part about high school has been ... making memories with great friends.



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